Thursday, April 26, 2007

A New Skein, this time with actual yardage!

Well I sure ended up taking my time doing it, but I finally finished up that one bobbin of merino that I was working on.

Once the bobbin was just about full (I probably could have gotten more on it but I was getting antsy), I Navahoe plied it and then I niddied it into a skein:

A slighly better closeup:

Washed it up,, waiting in anticipation for it to dry!

And here is my brand new little bundle of pinkness!

Done with Bountiful's Merino in the Holly Berry colorway.

I went and dug out my WPI gauge. I'm getting 15 WPI, so I guess I'm in the middle between fingering and sport weight. I'm just glad it worked out so nice and even, tho I was hoping for more yardage.

Edited*** Karen was so kind to point out that I hadnt posted about the actual yardage,,, ACK how'd I forget that? OFFICIAL YARDAGE LINE = I got 264 yards in my skein!

So now that I have some actually nice yarn,, this is the best skein I've made yet, what to make with it? Now for anyone that does know me,,, and knowing that I am by no means normal, it'll have to be something different. I think I will make THIS with my yarn. Am I evil? Yes, just a tad.

Anyways,,, once my bobbin was fiberless,,, and I did have all this week practically to myself, I just simply had to do it. And I'm glad I did it! What did I do? I ran and quickly installed my brand spanking new Woolee Winder,, that was waiting so patiently for me to finish that bobbin! To that I added one of the Ugly Batts that I ordered from Abi. And after about 5 minutes of effortless spinning I got this!

A slightly better close up:

The funny part about this, as I was playing with it,, Hubby decided to do something about a branch that was hanging over part of our driveway. It was a dead branch. Did I mention that this dead branch hanging over, also hung over the power cable connection to our house?

It happened at sundown, hard to tell from cell pic, but thats him, in the tree (top center), after the deed was done. Time of incident, approximately 7:30pm. Time when the power company came, estimated damage, corrected damage, approximately 9:30-10:00pm. What was I doing at this point, with nothing but a battery powered radio, and dozens of tea light candles all over my livingroom? Spinning of course! Since I didnt have to worry about any hooks to change,,, and I was working with the ugly batt instead of a really finely prepared fiber,, I just went with it. It even got to the point where I was spinning with my eyes closed since I was paying more attention to my drafting by feel more than anything else. Looks like it worked!

So what else have I been doing this week? Not that much really. Went to AC Moore's trying to score another one of those tiered baskets,, but they were out. Did I leave empty handed, try as I might? NO!! I am a total sucker for bags for knitting, no matter what they look like. This was the only one I saw, I had a 50% coupon,,,and I'm on vacation! Enough reason for me!

May I present the newest bag!

10 pockets of glory,,, and plenty of center stash room!

I also went to Borders by me. I wanted to get the Yarn Harlot's new book. Which I did, and scored another book to go with it. Ever since Karen had shown me this book one of the first times we got together to knit I have wanted it. But you know the deal when you dont write things down, you forget. So when I saw it on the knitting bookshelf, Lucy Neatby's "Cool Socks, Warm Feet" I snatched it.

Other exciting thing (for me at least)! I got new bedroom carpeting yesterday! From about 1 1/2 years ago, when we had rain for almost a straight 2 weeks,, we had a leak under our roof, down the window frame onto my bedroom carpeting. Hubby tore the affected area up,,, which left almost 1/3 of the bedroom without carpet. Well I took care of that 2 days ago. Called one of the shop at home services,,, picked what I wanted, and did the dirty deed by signing my name by the "X". The installers did a great job and my bedroom looks great! Now just to get everything put back into place and start going thru tons to throw away! Dont mind the mismatched furniture either,,, that is being rectified within the next month. A girl has to do what a girl has to do you know!

The Before pic (really the in process, but I forgot to take that pic)

And the "After" pic

Finally,,, there really hasnt been all that much knitting going on. A row here and there. I still havent finished that one single row past the cast on for "Birch", but I'll get there. I did finally remember to take a pic of that one sole finished "Cigar" glove from Knitty. I'll end off with that!

I'll smoke a cigar for Hubby once I actually finish making the mate for this one!

Till next time!

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Llama Llama Ding Dong!!!

Today was it! And it was such a beautiful day for it, or anything actually. My girlfriend Margie was coming with me to check out the Llama Shearing at Rumpelstiltskin Yarns. I was also meeting up with Kelly after she was done teaching a knitting class at Village Knitter.

We were going to meet up with Kelly around 2:30 and had gotten there around 1:30. So we stopped in the shop so I can say hi to Angela (the owner) and to Tabbethia (who was shearing her Llamas and is also one of the spinning instructors at the store) and take a fast look around the shop to drool some more! After that, we killed some time window shopping in some of the lovely shops that are on Main Street in Sayville.

We got back to the shop at 2:30, hooked up with Kelly, and it was just in time for Tabbethia to do her next shearing demonstration. It was at this point that I realized the horror of it! I had forgotten to bring my digital camera with me, and so did Margie! Again, thankfully, tho not the best,, my cell phone camera had to make do.

Shots of who was about to get their spring haircuts!

Llama #1

I think this Llama's name is Double Take, but not sure.

And Llama #2

I cant remember this guy's name at all!

But boy were they just ever the cuties!

Here's Tabbethia in action!

And Tabbethia, if by chance you see this,, sorry I got your butt!

After that shearing episode was over, Angela and Tabbethia took a pose for my Cell!

Angela on the left, Tabbethia on the right.

One of the more cool things to happen by this was when I inquired of Tabbethia about the clippings,, she had said she wasn't going to use them,, 2nd cuts and all. I asked if I could take some and she handed me a plastic bag and told me to help myself. I figured I can play with it with my carders and all. Another woman there,,, all I remember is her name is Ellen,, is involved with the Spinning Study Group of Long Island. We had gotten to talking and she was telling me that the wool might be dusty,, but that I can spin it just like that. Just that I have to worry about washing it once the yarn is all done up! Nothing like a good experiment! Thank you Ellen!

So here's what I grabbed, lol.

Toe of sneaker included for the size comparison,,, it is a rather large clump of fibers that I scooped up,,, thats only the top of it!

And here's a slightly better closeup.

Note all the yummy natural colors from just this one Llama!

After the shearing, Kelly, Margie and I hit Main Street together. We decided to go for a bite and hit a few stores along the way to the diner. Went into one gourmet shop that I've been to before were I bought some Peach Salsa (sounded yummy) and discovered that they had Scharffen Berger Extra Dark Chocolate! So I splurged on one bar. Splurged is right,, that one bar set me back almost $6.00! I'm going to have to hide it from Hubby and Son!

Speaking again of splurges,, of course I just couldn't get out of Rumpelstiltskins without making a purchase. What caught my eye this time? Here it is.

Colinette Jitterbug strikes again! This time in the Mardi Gras colorway.

Of course colors are brighter due to flash on my digital (once I was home of course), but arent they awesome?

Closeup time once more!

So again, a really beautiful day spent outside. With friends. With food. With Llama's, and with more fiber and yarn! With more than a week left of my vacation! What more can a girl ask for?

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nothing like finding a great buy!

Nope nothing like it. I've searched online for one of those tiered basket racks. You know the type you might see in some yarn stores,,,filled with delicious yarns?

Well after trying on Ebay, Craiglist, stores online, specialty basket sites,,I come up with nada! The closest I actually found one was thru JC Penny,, but that one was rectangular and while it was on sale,, was close to $50!

Well I guess it pays to sign up for sale notices from Joanns, Michaels, and AC Moore. In a sale that started last Sunday,,,I checked out the sale flyer,,,,, and I saw it!!! It was exactly what I was looking for!

It looks so pretty!

And it was listed as a sale item for only $26.88. A 50" 3 tier basket stand. And its mine, finally! So I finally had the chance to put it together today. 5 minutes, 4 screws and 6 pieces later it was done!

Only thing I didn't like about it, and it's real easy to overlook, is that the liner part is coconut fiber. I guess it's meant more for use as a planter than for yarn. A quick fix tho. Had a few bandana's, which so far are lining the 2 top baskets.

Sooo,,, as I try to get my spare room in order since I'm off this week (vacation? whats a vacation?) I at least have this nice little knick knack to stick in the corner of the room for when its done. For now its next to hubby's recliner,, so he has something to throw a nasty gaze at.

PS So far I've been good this week, I didnt buy any yarn,,,, yet. Someone grant me the strength when I go to Rumpelstiltskins in Sayville tomorrow for the Llama shearing, lol.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Fibery toys!

Ok where do I start again? I'll just get work over with real fast. The new schedule (otherwise known as the "Pick" started a week ago Sunday, Which for me meant Monday. I'm working later now, by an hour and a half but it seems to be working out nicely so far. Show up for work at around 1:30,, pull out a bus and play school bus at one of the local High Schools making just that one trip towards the ferry (so far so good, not even a half full bus, the majority actually pays), and its an actual relaxing ride for the most part. Then back to my depot, kill 45 minutes, do 2 round trips on the line between Staten Island and Brooklyn. Again not to bad at all so far. After that pull in again for lunch, which consists of 51 minutes, lol. Get another bus, do another line for only 1 round trip, go back to the depot and dash the hell out of there for home. What is nice is I have to get thru this week then I'm off on vacation the following week. I cant wait,, spinning and knitting time!

In the time being, the past week,,,, fibery things abounded into my home!

First up, an order I placed with Red Needle Yarns which unfortunately is going out of business in Savannah, GA. The one good thing, they are supposed to open up sometime this summer out here somewhere along the South Shore of Long Island this summer. Good luck on the move Mickey!

This is what I ordered:

Cascade 220 in these 3 shades, 3 skeins of each. Fiber Trends felted clogs here I come!

Then this:

Kid Silk Haze, 2 skeins of the green (cant remember the name right now) and 3 skeins of Dewberry. Dewberry is destined to become Birch. It had better become Birch. I want Birch! Nuff said!

So I ran to Rumpelstiltskin Yarns to get the right size Addi to make Birch! And I started the lace cast on for it. Here that is, lol.

While at Rumpelstiltskins,, I was talking to Angela, the owner,,, and showed off to her my brand new Moosie Spindle that I got from the Bosworth's.

Its a beauty!

A better pic of the shaft, its made of Bocote wood.

It weighs 33 grams/1.17 oz. and it spins beautifully and long just as any Bozzie should! Angela thought it was just lovely! Funny part was, I was asking Angela if by chance she would be getting any other fiber in,,, any exotics,,, she just pointed to one corner of her shop and asked me if I had checked the rack. Rack? There was another rack? I ran to the rack,,, the beautiful rack of fiber. Different colored Alpaca's,,,, some merino/silk mixes,,,then I saw them. Cashmere,,,, and Camel fiber. All packed into little 2 oz parcels. I really hadnt planned on buying fiber, what with Maryland sheep and wool coming up. I did the lesser of 2 evils. Her Cashmere was 20 and change for 2 oz,, the Camel was 10 and change. My Moosie begged to be fed. Whats a girl to do??? So 2 bags of this Camel fiber came home with me along with my above pictured Addi Circ.

Hee hee hee

More fiber goodies!

That Blog contest that I won? I received the yarn on Friday! Thank you again Melissa! Heres the pic!

And on Thursday I received my order that I placed with Knitpicks

The 2 skeins on either side is Memories, Hawaii on the left, Redwood Forest on the right,,,in the center is 3 skeins of Shadow I ordered in Sunset Heather. So Pretty! I also ordered some Knitty SP8 things that I had been waiting to order,,,, Shhhhhhh,,, its a secret!

Lastly,,, besides casting on for Birch,,, I'm attempting a quick knit baby sweater in a cotton blend for my niece Bryn's Birthday. I've got till May 25th to get it done. Will I? Trying my best. Started the back last night.

Well time to turn in sort of early for once,, things to do before commuting to work tomorrow morning. My Moosie is whining to be fed before bed too! Soooooo off to start my feeding of Camel to my Moosie. Whatcha think of the name Bullwinkle?

Stay dry this wet and windy night,,, till next time!

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Holidays to all, and I won something!

First and foremost, Happy Easter to all,,, AND a Belated Happy Passover to all (its ok to throw all those rock hard macaroons at me now!).

Its a quiet weekend. I like quiet. Been bumming around the house. Spinning yesterday, trying to get my bobbin finished thats on EL (short for Elvis OR Evil Lendrum, lol) JUST so I can put my New Woolee Winder on! I'm using the Holly berry Merino that I received from Lois and its working up oh so nice and thin!

I actually won something! I found out today via email. I had entered a blog contest given by Melissa. She currently has a pattern for free at knitpicks! Here it is Queen of Diamonds gloves.

What I won:
1- A skein of Knitpicks Gloss in Dusk,, same as in the glove pattern PLUS a bonus!
2- The bonus is a skein of Online Euro Yarns in the color Cool 64-793 Sock yarn
This yarn reminds me of Trekking. I cant wait to get it! Thank you Melissa!

Now is some real quiet time. I'm getting ready to try and complete spinning up that bobbin. This is what I have so far!

So tonite is all planned. Spinning,,,relaxing,,, maybe a glass of wine,,,a roast beef to get thrown in the oven for an easy dinner tonite,,,and Soprano's.

The way every Sunday should be!

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What being bored gets you.

Dont know if this will work. It does on Myspace. Well here goes.

Hmmmm it doesnt seem to, sigh. I'll work on it.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Final weeks of the extremely busy month, weeks 4 and 5

In a nutshell, week 2 of my graffitti detail was slowing driving me insane! All I knew was my recheck again was for 3/28,,, my numbers were high on my glucose meter, and if I had to do the same thing again, of course I would.But it was taking all that I had to make it thru my whole day.

So last weekend, as I'm in the supermarket, fate intervenes again. Only I seem to find the really odd quirky things. And this was. I dont care if its because Easter is coming up but here is a Lamb made out of butter.

This pic should show it a bit better, again cell camera, so sorry for quality.

No I did not buy this. I know its a miracle! (right before Passover/Easter too!). I also had my blood drawn for the test to bring. Now that was the miracle yet to happen. Boy was I ever keeping my fingers crossed!

Anyway, with week 2 down of graffitti,,, and my recheck on 3/28,, Monday and Tuesday flew by! I had my paperwork to be downtown Brooklyn at Med for 10am. I was there on time. I had called my Dr prior. Results hadnt come in as of yet. I was told to call the lab itself,, of which I did, and they cant release results to me. Call back the Dr. They tell me they still dont have it. Call back the lab who told me it was faxed at exactly 10:58. Call the Dr back, and the ditzy receptionist tells me call in an hour. I was glad I brought my Cigar glove that I was working on from Knitty with me,,,, I actually finished it (but forgot to take a pic-thats tomorrow). After an hour,,, the nurse at Med tells me,, "Oh,, your results just came in,, and looking pretty good too!" Can we say SHOCK loud enough? I wasnt expecting my numbers to fall much at all the way my meter readings were going. So in a months time I went from a 10.0 to an 8.5 I CAN DRIVE! I DONT HAVE TO BE RESTRICED! I DONT HAVE TO DO THAT GOD DAMN GRAFFITTI!!!!!

The million ton weight was finally lifted from my shoulders. And my first thought about going back to my regular schedule? I can get more sleep now! So I was sent on my way back to MY depot,,,, and was told "OK, report your regular time tomorrow morning". Believe me it was the best drive home I had that night!

So I worked my usual run and route on Thursday. A few of my reg passengers were there and commented that they missed me. I hope they meant it cause it was nice to hear it. Best part was,,, hubby didnt tell me anything about mail that day. He usually tells me when I have something.

I walk into my house that night,, feeling smug that I'm back on MY job. What do I see when I walk through the door?


Not one,, but 3 boxes! All with different addresses, lol.

The big box on the bottom I cant talk about right now,,, I sort of told someone I picked up a little present. Details to follow on that one. The middle package,,,,, I couldnt believe it came already!

My Woolee Winder! Hot damn that was pretty fast too, only about a months wait if that?

Last but not least. My 2nd SP8 package. My new SP Package is here, My new SP Package is here! Think of Steve Martin in the Jerk,,, thats how insane I was acting.

Here are all the lovely presents my own beloved Ajastoysstalker got for me!

At the top is a skein of KnitPicks Bare Merino/Silk in Fingering weight (I have been so wanting to Dye something!). To the right of that, in white is a giftee of merino/tussah fiber mix for me to play and spin with! Right next to that is a bag of hand-dyed purpley wool fiber goodness to spin also! Once I get done petting them a bit! Below that are beautiful stitch markers that Ajastoysstalker made for me by her very own self! Those items are sitting ontop of a KnitPicks Chartkeeper. Yay,,,, no more torn and tattered patterns for me,, where I start knitting on the wrong line. On the left side, the 2 bottles,, the large is Pecan Passion body lotion, the small a trifecta by itself. Its a shampoo/bubblebath/bodygel in one,, in the same Pecan Passion scent. And oh my, it smells literally, good enough to eat! Lastly,,,, the book,,, lol. Ajastoysstalker knows that I am desperately trying to work on hubby, that if we get a dog,, that it should be of course a Chihuahua! He's already commented to the point of "I guess when we get a dog, its gonna end up being a Chi". LOL,, he is not gonna win this one if I can help it!

Here's a close up of those beautiful stitch markers. Aren't they pretty,, she told me she made them from natural Jasper!

So I am glad to say at last, that it was an awful month,, but this week alone,, starting with my medical un-restriction,,, has definitely been worth it!

Plus I give many many thanks to my SP Ajastoysstalker aka Shiara aka Jess, lol,,,(did I guess right?), who really really made my day after feeling so cruddy for so long!

Been a busy month, week 3 of 4

Ok to continue where I left off. Week 1, was assaulted on my bus. Week 2 got medically restricted and couldnt drive due to too high sugar levels at medical, (I still like to think that I was just too sweet for the job, lol).

Now Week 3,,, my life as a bus graffitti remover (for the time being).

The only (sort of) good thing is that I'm actually able to commute with hubby to and from work. so for at least the next 2 weeks this is how my schedule was.

4:30 am - up with the alarm and hubby
5:00-5:15 am - out the door and in the car (hubby drives, I try to sleep in car)
7:00 am - hubby arrives at his depot in Brooklyn, I awake, take over and then drive myself to my depot,, have at least 30 mins to kill,, get extremely strong coffee, try to wake up.
8:00 am - my work day starts
4:00 pm - my work day ends
at which point I drive to hubby's depot, park in the parking lot and crash in the car till he's done.
7:00 pm - He's done,, gets in car and we drive home,, I sleep some more
8:30-9:00 pm We arrive home (pending any stops,, food, fuel etc etc)

At this point I literally get my shit together for the next day,,, pack my breakfast and lunch (low carb of course), get my clothes in order (thank god no uniform, tshirts and the like). By the time I'm done guess what? I've got my 2nd wind! I try to go to bed by 11pm latest but the last time I remember looking at the clock it usually says 1-2am. So shake stir and repeat for 2 whole weeks! Can we say tired?

On the first day, I went to see a superintendant that used to work in my depot. Very nice man. Who explains to me that besides removing any graffitti I might see on the bus, that it is also my job to clean the front windshields and the dash areas. I just know I'm not gonna like what I'm supposed to be doing. But I'll do it.

And so it went,, about 20 buses a day on average,,,trying not to get the same ones I had done prior in that given week. The first week was the hardest.

This is what I was dealing with on a daily basis,,,my little view of the world

And so I cleaned.... and wiped,,,, my fingers were getting so raw. NYC Buses are simply filthy!
This is what I was killing my hands on,, the control area. Its a bit of a dark pic but the garages arent that brightly lit all over.

And this type of panel was the easy one to clean up. Some of the older style of buses, have more, they are packed more closely together. Can anyone say that I have more respect for the regular bus cleaners that are supposed to do this,, if they do do this?

At least I got the front dashes nice and clean. Hey you can see them shine. Trust me they didnt do that before I got to them.

All I know is after the first week,, I was so knocked out. My left leg hurt. My ankle hurt from all the walking. That weekend I decided to treat myself,, cause at least I was still getting my paycheck. And what good is money if you cant spend some on yourself?

I went and took a ride to visit Angela at Rumplestiltskin Yarns in Sayville on that Saturday. We chatted a bit,, and told her I was there to buy something,,,,, so I started looking. I look too damn much. Here's what I snagged!

Malabrigo anyone? It is soooo sooo lucious! Color is Loro barranquero #176

Then I saw this, and knew I had to have it!

Colinette Jitterbug in Jewel #54

Then of course I had to buy something new for my Lendrum. This is what I bought.

Angela's husband, who's name I didnt quite get,, was busy spinning away on an Ashford Traveler,, and when I inquired about this roving, he just gushed on and on about it. It practically spins itself,,, spins like butter,, etc etc. OK, OK,, I'm sold,, I'm an easy pushover! And at $6.00 for a 4 ounce bag,, well :) At least I felt so much better for getting thru the week after I bought all this!

Basically the 2nd week of me doing the graffitti nonsense went the same. Tiring,,and well more tiring. Every night once I was home, there was no time for knitting,, nor spinning. I was a very unhappy crafty person with no time to do any crafting.

Busy last month, Week 2 of 4

Week 2

So here I was about to go to my medical and knowing I was going to get restricted due to my sugar levels, and that was not a thing I could do about it.

And so it went,, saw the Dr. Gave my labwork. I was immediately restricted to driving but not in passenger service. I didnt have too many options with this verdict. I was pretty sure by all the drivers with better seniority than me that I have been seeing in the depot,, that I would get no work. The only thing that made me feel any better when I left medical was what I saw in a teachers supply/bookstore that is located right next to the building where medical division is in. I was looking in the window and saw this....

Yes for the price of whatever it cost you can have your very own silkworm city! Everything included but the silkworms. For that you get a certificate to mail, and voila,,, your silkworms arrive by mail. I thought it was a bit hysterical at the time, shaking my head as I was staring at it. And no,,, I am not about to go and try silkworm farming. I havent even used not nary a one of the silk hankies I bought last summer! But it was the levity of the situation at the moment that at least made me smile over this. Again, sorry for the poor pic quality,, but cell phone camera's again, come in handy!

Anyway, to finish this all off,, I went back to my depot with my dreaded restricted paperwork,,,, just to be sent home. No work,,,, as I assumed. Time to use my sick time of which I had all of 8 days left till May 1 (thats when I get my quota for the year). So I went home.

Next Morning (Thursday), I woke early to call the union to see if there was any scheduled work. I was told none,, they didnt expect anything to be available till the work assignment was done the next week following. I get depressed. I watch TV. Food network to be exact,,, just what a person who cant eat needs to see. I knit. I spindle a bit. I get bored. Later that afternoon, phone rings. One of the union reps. "Nancy,, come in tomorrow for the 8x4 shift,,,your the cleaner for the day". No problem,,, they have something for me to do,, I'll do it. Paycheck means all.

So I go in the next morning, and I'm told to clean the womens bathroom, and only the bathroom. That took me all of 30 minutes to do if that. I was told by the cleaner who is up in the depot normally,,, just do what you have to do, look busy if anyone is around, and always carry your broom. Didnt have to tell me twice. But it is just as hard work trying to look busy when your doing absolutely nothing! And so the day went. Not long before my shift is over,, I get called to the Union, that they have work for me for the next 2 weeks.

I get to go to the other depot on Staten Island,,,doing an 8 to 4 shift, weekends off, to do graffitti removal from the interior of the buses for 2 weeks. I know its work but oh joy!

To be continued

PS Did I ever say I hate to clean?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Busy past month, Week 1 of 4

Ok, here we go. Talk about catching up. Here are the facts, hopefully in chronological order to the best of my poor beseiged memory.

When we last left off,,, I had been assaulted on my bus,, and was about to go to my rescheduled (due to said assault) medical recheck.

Here's the facts M'aam,,, nothing but the facts. On February 28th,,, on my last full trip of the night I was headed towards the Staten Island Ferry. Now all I had to do was make that trip to make it for the 9pm ferry boat,, pick up the "boat people" and leave, arrive by 9:19pm at the corner of my depot where I get off and another driver takes over. Too simple for that to happen of course. Approx 8:45, with 10 mins to make it to the ferry,, I make a stop. People get on. People get off. About the close the bus doors when I hear "Hey Miss" and I turn to look. Oh, did I mention that it had snowed 2 days prior and everything that was lying around was frozen ice? As I turn to look,, there are 4-5 teenagers, that decided to use me as a target, throwing said chunks of ice at me. I put my arm up and turned my head at the same time closing the bus front door, but a nice sized chunk of ice got me at the corner of my left eye, just under my eyeglasses.

So I hit the button on my radio,, awaiting the Command Center to contact me back. Of course the "youths" fled. Sigh,,, 2 out of my 20 or so passengers actually came up to me to see if I was ok. Then the cops came,,, then one of the dispatchers came,, then superintendants,, and finally the ambulance. It took almost 2 hours of paperwork, witness statements, etc etc, till I was brought by choice to the hospital. Only because of being diabetic,,,, and I felt great pressure at that area of my eye. No bruising,,,,just major swelling, but enough for me to worry.

Here is what I looked like.

And this is the size of one of the chunks that got me.

Pictures suck,,, but thank goodness for cell phone cameras!

Out of the hospital at 4am,, back to the depot to do more paperwork, sigh,, it never ends. Then advised by a union rep to go see a comp dr. By the time I found one, was seen by one,,, had more paperwork filled out for comp,, and completed all the other necessary/un-necessary nonsense at the depot and finally left to go home it was 2pm - the next day. I finally arrived home around 4pm,,, and was off of work for that day and the next (both ER and comp dr's felt 2 days was the most I needed, and it fell into my days off). So by Monday I was back at work after signing waiver forms, etc etc that I was fit to work. So I spent my weekend taking it easy,, knitting and spinning,, and generally doing nada.

Next post,,, The Medical recheck and some knitting/spinning content.