Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This one is just for my Stalker ;)

Ok Ajastoysstalker,,,, how do you like this?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Ok,, now I know its been awhile,, my poor little blog was probably wondering where the hell was I. Well life has its little tricks at keeping you busy. Things like work,,, orney teenage children, holidays.

First I have to introduce the teenager from hell,,,, here he is in all his glory. An innocent little package till he hit 14 years old, then WHAM. The past 2 months in a nutshell. This pic is post hair cut,,,, pre haircut, I might as well have posted a pic of a mop cause thats what he looked like. We had a deal,, pass everything in school, and the hair stays. Fail just one class,,, well the proof is in the pic. Lets see what else went on,, lying,, the washing of a Tux (that one is just way too long to post here even), pierced his ear without permission (or a properly sterilized needle), general "I'll do it tom Mom" whines, of which nothing ever got done. Then there was last week. Wednesday as I get ready to drive away to go to work (the first half of my almost 150 mile a day commute I might add), I get a cell call. Hubby? Nope. Family or friends? Nope. School Nurse? Yup. The problem? He decided, while at lunch in the school cafeteria to stick a safety pin just under the right side of his lip. School security saw him with the pin sticking out of his face. Sigh,, will they ever learn? I thought after the ear piercing that that was it. So I call in to work, only to be listed as AWOL,,, pick him up from school, make a visit to the urgent care doctor and then a visit to the local pharmacy to pick up antibiotic pills and cream for his face. Again the pic above is from New Years nite, but due to his breakout,,,, the hole, which is healing thankfully,, looks like one of his pimples. Ironic no?

On other old old news,,, from Thanksgiving (since I have to play catchup). This is the turkey I made the Saturday after,, since Hubby worked,, I was supposed to work. Nothing like traveling for 3 hours thru holiday traffic,, get to work 23 mins late,, wait an hour to see if there is any other work,, be told to go home at loss of that days pay and losing the holiday to bank (so theoretically I lost 2 days pay that day), and THEN spend almost 4 hours trying to get home.

Now this poor turkey might look pitiful,, but let me tell you something. This was the most juciest, tastiest turkey that I have ever made. I had bought a roasting oven from Wal-mart on Black Friday for $14.00. What a buy! What a turkey! Getting my hands on that roaster made my misadventure of trying to get to work on Thanksgiving worthwhile! At times it doesnt take much to make me spring back from being in a sorrowful state!

This is the turkey 24 hours before, brining .

At least my dining room table looked so nice, if not sparse! Dont mind the mess in the background!

On my Solace shawl,,,, I did the edging,,, started the chart for the lace pattern and got stuck,,, the stitch count wasnt working out,, soooo, I think its going to be back to the drawing board with that.

So actually not too much knitting going on the past few weeks. I've been working out on my Joy,, and busy with my spindles. Oh and have new additions to my spindle family too! These were received about 2 weeks ago. Arent they beauties?

What they are sitting in is an old pipe stand that I picked up at a cute shlocky shop when hubby and I were driving around on the North Fork, coming home from a wine tasting. It was a great find for displaying some of my spindles for under $10. Cant beat that!

Now what good would it do to have all my spindles and my wheel and not have a great buy on fiber to use on them? I present you my ebay stashbuster buy of superwash merino to keep me busy spinning for ,,,,,,, should I say a good long time? This is 16 lbs of fibery goodness all spread out on my dining room table. I should also add I bought a 1/2 lb of Bamboo also that I forgot to add to this!

Now for the 2 importants bits of news that I have to add . #1 is that I'm still awaiting my Anniversary present from hubby of my new wheel! He ordered for me the Lendrum double treadle complete set! I cant wait! We ordered it from Bountiful,,, and when I last checked with them I was told they expected delivery between last week and this week. So hopefully I should be getting it withing 2 weeks (maybe? hoping?). I'm just itching to spin on it!

#2 - SP8 STARTED!!!! And I have my very own stalker,,, my SP is Ajastoysstalker, lol. And she has what I really want,,, a chihuahua. Maybe I'll be mailed one? Hmmmmm. Well if she does send me any handknitted Chi sweaters,, as she stated in an email to me,, lol,,, perhaps I can convince hubby? I did my own stalking a bit,, and might have a clue to who she is,, but not quite totally sure yet. Besides SP8 just started,, I want to have fun with this!

I've also started stalking my SP, but I wont say who she is. At least not yet!