Monday, April 02, 2007

Busy last month, Week 2 of 4

Week 2

So here I was about to go to my medical and knowing I was going to get restricted due to my sugar levels, and that was not a thing I could do about it.

And so it went,, saw the Dr. Gave my labwork. I was immediately restricted to driving but not in passenger service. I didnt have too many options with this verdict. I was pretty sure by all the drivers with better seniority than me that I have been seeing in the depot,, that I would get no work. The only thing that made me feel any better when I left medical was what I saw in a teachers supply/bookstore that is located right next to the building where medical division is in. I was looking in the window and saw this....

Yes for the price of whatever it cost you can have your very own silkworm city! Everything included but the silkworms. For that you get a certificate to mail, and voila,,, your silkworms arrive by mail. I thought it was a bit hysterical at the time, shaking my head as I was staring at it. And no,,, I am not about to go and try silkworm farming. I havent even used not nary a one of the silk hankies I bought last summer! But it was the levity of the situation at the moment that at least made me smile over this. Again, sorry for the poor pic quality,, but cell phone camera's again, come in handy!

Anyway, to finish this all off,, I went back to my depot with my dreaded restricted paperwork,,,, just to be sent home. No work,,,, as I assumed. Time to use my sick time of which I had all of 8 days left till May 1 (thats when I get my quota for the year). So I went home.

Next Morning (Thursday), I woke early to call the union to see if there was any scheduled work. I was told none,, they didnt expect anything to be available till the work assignment was done the next week following. I get depressed. I watch TV. Food network to be exact,,, just what a person who cant eat needs to see. I knit. I spindle a bit. I get bored. Later that afternoon, phone rings. One of the union reps. "Nancy,, come in tomorrow for the 8x4 shift,,,your the cleaner for the day". No problem,,, they have something for me to do,, I'll do it. Paycheck means all.

So I go in the next morning, and I'm told to clean the womens bathroom, and only the bathroom. That took me all of 30 minutes to do if that. I was told by the cleaner who is up in the depot normally,,, just do what you have to do, look busy if anyone is around, and always carry your broom. Didnt have to tell me twice. But it is just as hard work trying to look busy when your doing absolutely nothing! And so the day went. Not long before my shift is over,, I get called to the Union, that they have work for me for the next 2 weeks.

I get to go to the other depot on Staten Island,,,doing an 8 to 4 shift, weekends off, to do graffitti removal from the interior of the buses for 2 weeks. I know its work but oh joy!

To be continued

PS Did I ever say I hate to clean?


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