Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Fibery toys!

Ok where do I start again? I'll just get work over with real fast. The new schedule (otherwise known as the "Pick" started a week ago Sunday, Which for me meant Monday. I'm working later now, by an hour and a half but it seems to be working out nicely so far. Show up for work at around 1:30,, pull out a bus and play school bus at one of the local High Schools making just that one trip towards the ferry (so far so good, not even a half full bus, the majority actually pays), and its an actual relaxing ride for the most part. Then back to my depot, kill 45 minutes, do 2 round trips on the line between Staten Island and Brooklyn. Again not to bad at all so far. After that pull in again for lunch, which consists of 51 minutes, lol. Get another bus, do another line for only 1 round trip, go back to the depot and dash the hell out of there for home. What is nice is I have to get thru this week then I'm off on vacation the following week. I cant wait,, spinning and knitting time!

In the time being, the past week,,,, fibery things abounded into my home!

First up, an order I placed with Red Needle Yarns which unfortunately is going out of business in Savannah, GA. The one good thing, they are supposed to open up sometime this summer out here somewhere along the South Shore of Long Island this summer. Good luck on the move Mickey!

This is what I ordered:

Cascade 220 in these 3 shades, 3 skeins of each. Fiber Trends felted clogs here I come!

Then this:

Kid Silk Haze, 2 skeins of the green (cant remember the name right now) and 3 skeins of Dewberry. Dewberry is destined to become Birch. It had better become Birch. I want Birch! Nuff said!

So I ran to Rumpelstiltskin Yarns to get the right size Addi to make Birch! And I started the lace cast on for it. Here that is, lol.

While at Rumpelstiltskins,, I was talking to Angela, the owner,,, and showed off to her my brand new Moosie Spindle that I got from the Bosworth's.

Its a beauty!

A better pic of the shaft, its made of Bocote wood.

It weighs 33 grams/1.17 oz. and it spins beautifully and long just as any Bozzie should! Angela thought it was just lovely! Funny part was, I was asking Angela if by chance she would be getting any other fiber in,,, any exotics,,, she just pointed to one corner of her shop and asked me if I had checked the rack. Rack? There was another rack? I ran to the rack,,, the beautiful rack of fiber. Different colored Alpaca's,,,, some merino/silk mixes,,,then I saw them. Cashmere,,,, and Camel fiber. All packed into little 2 oz parcels. I really hadnt planned on buying fiber, what with Maryland sheep and wool coming up. I did the lesser of 2 evils. Her Cashmere was 20 and change for 2 oz,, the Camel was 10 and change. My Moosie begged to be fed. Whats a girl to do??? So 2 bags of this Camel fiber came home with me along with my above pictured Addi Circ.

Hee hee hee

More fiber goodies!

That Blog contest that I won? I received the yarn on Friday! Thank you again Melissa! Heres the pic!

And on Thursday I received my order that I placed with Knitpicks

The 2 skeins on either side is Memories, Hawaii on the left, Redwood Forest on the right,,,in the center is 3 skeins of Shadow I ordered in Sunset Heather. So Pretty! I also ordered some Knitty SP8 things that I had been waiting to order,,,, Shhhhhhh,,, its a secret!

Lastly,,, besides casting on for Birch,,, I'm attempting a quick knit baby sweater in a cotton blend for my niece Bryn's Birthday. I've got till May 25th to get it done. Will I? Trying my best. Started the back last night.

Well time to turn in sort of early for once,, things to do before commuting to work tomorrow morning. My Moosie is whining to be fed before bed too! Soooooo off to start my feeding of Camel to my Moosie. Whatcha think of the name Bullwinkle?

Stay dry this wet and windy night,,, till next time!

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At 9:17 PM, Blogger LaBean said...

Bullwinkle! I love it! it's Perfect! wow those Bozzies are always so tiny... I think you'll be able to get the baby sweater done, if you don't overfeed Bullwinkle ;)

The KP yarn is soooo yummy looking.. too bad I've made a decision not to buy commercial yarns anymore.(at least til I've knit up everything else!).

I've been considering Birch too. I called myself knitting Kiri because it's basically a reoriented Birch(and free), and had a hell of a time with it.. Was told Birch was way easier.. so who knows. let me know what you think.

At 5:35 PM, Blogger shiarah said...

Wow, that's quite a haul!

Don't worry, your final SP package is coming--I've been behind with all of them this round, I sorry! :( As a little hint (and by way of explanation), your final package is heavy on the handmade-type goodies. And plenty of yarny goodness too, of course!

I hope to get it in the mail early next week, so hopefully you get it actually DURING the round.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger LICraftgal said...

Love the spindle!!! One of these days..... The yarns look wonderful too!!!


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