Friday, March 06, 2009

I've been kidnapped on hubbys birthday!!!

By hubby (sort of). Actually, I worked last week Sunday to get of today. Hubby had something planned and wouldnt really tell me what, just that we were going away for 2 nights.

Anyway,,,, we are up and out early this morning. We're on the highway,,,,driving to JFK,,,,,, and as we get to the Jetblue Terminal,,, he informs me that we are flying to spend the next 2 days in Portland, Maine.

Why??? He says he likes his lobster's fresh.

I wont argue with that, lol.

PS on another really good note,,,,, there are 4 yarn shops in the general area to where we are staying,,, really close. Two of them happen to be 1) the Maine extension store of Seaport Yarns, and 2) (be still my heart!!!) Tess' Designer Yarns. Gorgeous stuff in this one, that I saw first hand when I went to MDSW Festival back in 2007.

Am I happy that I am here, eating lobster and seafood and about to go yarn shopping??


Sunday, March 01, 2009

What snow does to pups!

Pooped pups