Sunday, April 01, 2007

Busy past month, Week 1 of 4

Ok, here we go. Talk about catching up. Here are the facts, hopefully in chronological order to the best of my poor beseiged memory.

When we last left off,,, I had been assaulted on my bus,, and was about to go to my rescheduled (due to said assault) medical recheck.

Here's the facts M'aam,,, nothing but the facts. On February 28th,,, on my last full trip of the night I was headed towards the Staten Island Ferry. Now all I had to do was make that trip to make it for the 9pm ferry boat,, pick up the "boat people" and leave, arrive by 9:19pm at the corner of my depot where I get off and another driver takes over. Too simple for that to happen of course. Approx 8:45, with 10 mins to make it to the ferry,, I make a stop. People get on. People get off. About the close the bus doors when I hear "Hey Miss" and I turn to look. Oh, did I mention that it had snowed 2 days prior and everything that was lying around was frozen ice? As I turn to look,, there are 4-5 teenagers, that decided to use me as a target, throwing said chunks of ice at me. I put my arm up and turned my head at the same time closing the bus front door, but a nice sized chunk of ice got me at the corner of my left eye, just under my eyeglasses.

So I hit the button on my radio,, awaiting the Command Center to contact me back. Of course the "youths" fled. Sigh,,, 2 out of my 20 or so passengers actually came up to me to see if I was ok. Then the cops came,,, then one of the dispatchers came,, then superintendants,, and finally the ambulance. It took almost 2 hours of paperwork, witness statements, etc etc, till I was brought by choice to the hospital. Only because of being diabetic,,,, and I felt great pressure at that area of my eye. No bruising,,,,just major swelling, but enough for me to worry.

Here is what I looked like.

And this is the size of one of the chunks that got me.

Pictures suck,,, but thank goodness for cell phone cameras!

Out of the hospital at 4am,, back to the depot to do more paperwork, sigh,, it never ends. Then advised by a union rep to go see a comp dr. By the time I found one, was seen by one,,, had more paperwork filled out for comp,, and completed all the other necessary/un-necessary nonsense at the depot and finally left to go home it was 2pm - the next day. I finally arrived home around 4pm,,, and was off of work for that day and the next (both ER and comp dr's felt 2 days was the most I needed, and it fell into my days off). So by Monday I was back at work after signing waiver forms, etc etc that I was fit to work. So I spent my weekend taking it easy,, knitting and spinning,, and generally doing nada.

Next post,,, The Medical recheck and some knitting/spinning content.


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