Sunday, April 22, 2007

Llama Llama Ding Dong!!!

Today was it! And it was such a beautiful day for it, or anything actually. My girlfriend Margie was coming with me to check out the Llama Shearing at Rumpelstiltskin Yarns. I was also meeting up with Kelly after she was done teaching a knitting class at Village Knitter.

We were going to meet up with Kelly around 2:30 and had gotten there around 1:30. So we stopped in the shop so I can say hi to Angela (the owner) and to Tabbethia (who was shearing her Llamas and is also one of the spinning instructors at the store) and take a fast look around the shop to drool some more! After that, we killed some time window shopping in some of the lovely shops that are on Main Street in Sayville.

We got back to the shop at 2:30, hooked up with Kelly, and it was just in time for Tabbethia to do her next shearing demonstration. It was at this point that I realized the horror of it! I had forgotten to bring my digital camera with me, and so did Margie! Again, thankfully, tho not the best,, my cell phone camera had to make do.

Shots of who was about to get their spring haircuts!

Llama #1

I think this Llama's name is Double Take, but not sure.

And Llama #2

I cant remember this guy's name at all!

But boy were they just ever the cuties!

Here's Tabbethia in action!

And Tabbethia, if by chance you see this,, sorry I got your butt!

After that shearing episode was over, Angela and Tabbethia took a pose for my Cell!

Angela on the left, Tabbethia on the right.

One of the more cool things to happen by this was when I inquired of Tabbethia about the clippings,, she had said she wasn't going to use them,, 2nd cuts and all. I asked if I could take some and she handed me a plastic bag and told me to help myself. I figured I can play with it with my carders and all. Another woman there,,, all I remember is her name is Ellen,, is involved with the Spinning Study Group of Long Island. We had gotten to talking and she was telling me that the wool might be dusty,, but that I can spin it just like that. Just that I have to worry about washing it once the yarn is all done up! Nothing like a good experiment! Thank you Ellen!

So here's what I grabbed, lol.

Toe of sneaker included for the size comparison,,, it is a rather large clump of fibers that I scooped up,,, thats only the top of it!

And here's a slightly better closeup.

Note all the yummy natural colors from just this one Llama!

After the shearing, Kelly, Margie and I hit Main Street together. We decided to go for a bite and hit a few stores along the way to the diner. Went into one gourmet shop that I've been to before were I bought some Peach Salsa (sounded yummy) and discovered that they had Scharffen Berger Extra Dark Chocolate! So I splurged on one bar. Splurged is right,, that one bar set me back almost $6.00! I'm going to have to hide it from Hubby and Son!

Speaking again of splurges,, of course I just couldn't get out of Rumpelstiltskins without making a purchase. What caught my eye this time? Here it is.

Colinette Jitterbug strikes again! This time in the Mardi Gras colorway.

Of course colors are brighter due to flash on my digital (once I was home of course), but arent they awesome?

Closeup time once more!

So again, a really beautiful day spent outside. With friends. With food. With Llama's, and with more fiber and yarn! With more than a week left of my vacation! What more can a girl ask for?

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At 7:29 PM, Blogger LaBean said...

woohoo!! Free fiber.. I wouldn't say no to that either!! Looks like you had a good time yesterday.. Glad for it. And the Colinette.. I have that colorway.. I know exactly how it looks ;) Lucky son of a gun you.


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