Thursday, June 26, 2008

And now for something completely different!

Yup it happened again. Dont know where my charger is for my digital camera batteries. Which means I'll have to take some crappy pics with my camera phone. So there will be some knitting and spinning content to follow. Just bear with me.

And in the meantime,,,since I seem to be good at finding the odd and the macabre. It is the summer,, and it is racing season,, so without further ado,,,,,,,

Saturday, June 21, 2008

How about you? says I'm 15% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Annual Occasion Countdown Clock

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I is Tired!

Busy day today. Off to Brooklyn to meet with a lawyer to inquire on what I might need to do to pursue things on my behalf. So up early,,, only to find that Jetta pooped his crate, sigh. Bad puppy!! After hubby and I quickly hosed/bathed him and then dried him down,, we were on our way to Brooklyn at around 10 am. Met up with a friend,, made it to our appt. After that, went to lunch with friend and then dropped friend off. After that,,, decided to inquire about pension info and had to go downton Brooklyn. Picked up another friend who also had an appt downtown and gave him a ride. Went to pension section,,,, zipped thru, got info,, and had time to kill.

We had decided since we were in Brooklyn,, to take both our Dad's out today for Father's Day. Josh was off on vacation this week and really didnt relish the possibility of driving in traffic on Sunday back and forth. Not the day before he was due back to work anyway,, which I dont blame him one bit. Soooo,,,, due to our location downtown,,,, and the fact I was lucky the thought of Brooklyn General (which I had never been too) popped into my mind,,, and that I have the internet on my phone,,,,,, I quickly got the addy up,, and sweetly asked said hubby if we could possibly pass by there. Good thing for a really nice day, and not a heatwave like the past few,,, and that we had the time to kill, lol.

It was a really cute little store! And I was super duper good! I bought not one bit of yarn!!! I looked of course, but held fast. Instead,, I was checking out the sparkle/angelina/firestar stuff along with their spinning fibers. I figured,, I have so much yarn. I have so much fiber. I have my drumcarder that I have yet to really play with,, but I have nothing interesting to add to any of my fibers to add in. That changed today,,, while still being really good! I bought 3 colors of 1/2 ounce each, and one color in 1 ounce. I was all set,, but still looking around the store, and perusing thru their books when I saw it. And called hubby over just to show him, since it was a book that he had promised to get me for my birthday last summer and hadnt. The Alden Amos Big Book of Spinning. He walked over, asked how much from the saleswoman that was helping and talking spinning to me,,, and the next thing I knew,, he grabs the book and my little bags of sparkley stuff and off he goes to the register! Do I have this man trained or what???

On an exit note,,,,, he's paying,, I'm now looking at the front of the store,,, and I spotted another item I had wanted. Its a tote/project thingie that my friend Jo,, from my Saturday knitting group has,,, and its always caught my eye. And it caught my eye in Brooklyn General, lol. I grabbed that one for myself and at a good price too,, it was about $8 less than the places I've checked online. So a bargin for me yet,, which isnt too shabby. This is what I got.
I have to brush up on my html,,, mind is too fried right now to do it up right,,, sigh.
Anyway, so after this,,, we hightail it back to our old end of Brooklyn,, get my FIL, and meet my dad at the restaurant. I will say I do miss Roll -n-Roaster! And I behaved,, a grilled chicken sandwich and some sweet potato fries and unsweetened iced tea. Yummy tho. So we eat, hang out,,,then say our goodbyes to my dad, as we go to drop my FIL back home and hightail it on the highway back home to our place. When all was said and done it was still pushing 9 pm.
Like I said a long day!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Way too funny.

For the moment,, this has me amused. I've got news to post, and not good news either, sigh, but for the moment,,, let me keep my good mood.

This was found via a link from another blog and it was just too cute not to put up!

PS My new name is now Nelly Hairballz

Monday, June 02, 2008

She Barked!!!

The vicious Chihuahua that beats up the German Shepherd dog that's 7 times her size has spoken!

I do have to add,, that big red "toy" in the background is indeed a dog chewie toy.

My husband had a few comments for it when I brought it home!