Monday, April 02, 2007

Final weeks of the extremely busy month, weeks 4 and 5

In a nutshell, week 2 of my graffitti detail was slowing driving me insane! All I knew was my recheck again was for 3/28,,, my numbers were high on my glucose meter, and if I had to do the same thing again, of course I would.But it was taking all that I had to make it thru my whole day.

So last weekend, as I'm in the supermarket, fate intervenes again. Only I seem to find the really odd quirky things. And this was. I dont care if its because Easter is coming up but here is a Lamb made out of butter.

This pic should show it a bit better, again cell camera, so sorry for quality.

No I did not buy this. I know its a miracle! (right before Passover/Easter too!). I also had my blood drawn for the test to bring. Now that was the miracle yet to happen. Boy was I ever keeping my fingers crossed!

Anyway, with week 2 down of graffitti,,, and my recheck on 3/28,, Monday and Tuesday flew by! I had my paperwork to be downtown Brooklyn at Med for 10am. I was there on time. I had called my Dr prior. Results hadnt come in as of yet. I was told to call the lab itself,, of which I did, and they cant release results to me. Call back the Dr. They tell me they still dont have it. Call back the lab who told me it was faxed at exactly 10:58. Call the Dr back, and the ditzy receptionist tells me call in an hour. I was glad I brought my Cigar glove that I was working on from Knitty with me,,,, I actually finished it (but forgot to take a pic-thats tomorrow). After an hour,,, the nurse at Med tells me,, "Oh,, your results just came in,, and looking pretty good too!" Can we say SHOCK loud enough? I wasnt expecting my numbers to fall much at all the way my meter readings were going. So in a months time I went from a 10.0 to an 8.5 I CAN DRIVE! I DONT HAVE TO BE RESTRICED! I DONT HAVE TO DO THAT GOD DAMN GRAFFITTI!!!!!

The million ton weight was finally lifted from my shoulders. And my first thought about going back to my regular schedule? I can get more sleep now! So I was sent on my way back to MY depot,,,, and was told "OK, report your regular time tomorrow morning". Believe me it was the best drive home I had that night!

So I worked my usual run and route on Thursday. A few of my reg passengers were there and commented that they missed me. I hope they meant it cause it was nice to hear it. Best part was,,, hubby didnt tell me anything about mail that day. He usually tells me when I have something.

I walk into my house that night,, feeling smug that I'm back on MY job. What do I see when I walk through the door?


Not one,, but 3 boxes! All with different addresses, lol.

The big box on the bottom I cant talk about right now,,, I sort of told someone I picked up a little present. Details to follow on that one. The middle package,,,,, I couldnt believe it came already!

My Woolee Winder! Hot damn that was pretty fast too, only about a months wait if that?

Last but not least. My 2nd SP8 package. My new SP Package is here, My new SP Package is here! Think of Steve Martin in the Jerk,,, thats how insane I was acting.

Here are all the lovely presents my own beloved Ajastoysstalker got for me!

At the top is a skein of KnitPicks Bare Merino/Silk in Fingering weight (I have been so wanting to Dye something!). To the right of that, in white is a giftee of merino/tussah fiber mix for me to play and spin with! Right next to that is a bag of hand-dyed purpley wool fiber goodness to spin also! Once I get done petting them a bit! Below that are beautiful stitch markers that Ajastoysstalker made for me by her very own self! Those items are sitting ontop of a KnitPicks Chartkeeper. Yay,,,, no more torn and tattered patterns for me,, where I start knitting on the wrong line. On the left side, the 2 bottles,, the large is Pecan Passion body lotion, the small a trifecta by itself. Its a shampoo/bubblebath/bodygel in one,, in the same Pecan Passion scent. And oh my, it smells literally, good enough to eat! Lastly,,,, the book,,, lol. Ajastoysstalker knows that I am desperately trying to work on hubby, that if we get a dog,, that it should be of course a Chihuahua! He's already commented to the point of "I guess when we get a dog, its gonna end up being a Chi". LOL,, he is not gonna win this one if I can help it!

Here's a close up of those beautiful stitch markers. Aren't they pretty,, she told me she made them from natural Jasper!

So I am glad to say at last, that it was an awful month,, but this week alone,, starting with my medical un-restriction,,, has definitely been worth it!

Plus I give many many thanks to my SP Ajastoysstalker aka Shiara aka Jess, lol,,,(did I guess right?), who really really made my day after feeling so cruddy for so long!


At 1:19 PM, Blogger shiarah said...

Oh no, you caught me! I'm so busted. (Good thing I haven't blogged any of the goodies I'm stashing for your third package, or the cat would be out of the bag! *evil giggle*)

Glad you liked your second package, I'm looking forward to the rest of the spoilage!


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