Monday, April 02, 2007

Been a busy month, week 3 of 4

Ok to continue where I left off. Week 1, was assaulted on my bus. Week 2 got medically restricted and couldnt drive due to too high sugar levels at medical, (I still like to think that I was just too sweet for the job, lol).

Now Week 3,,, my life as a bus graffitti remover (for the time being).

The only (sort of) good thing is that I'm actually able to commute with hubby to and from work. so for at least the next 2 weeks this is how my schedule was.

4:30 am - up with the alarm and hubby
5:00-5:15 am - out the door and in the car (hubby drives, I try to sleep in car)
7:00 am - hubby arrives at his depot in Brooklyn, I awake, take over and then drive myself to my depot,, have at least 30 mins to kill,, get extremely strong coffee, try to wake up.
8:00 am - my work day starts
4:00 pm - my work day ends
at which point I drive to hubby's depot, park in the parking lot and crash in the car till he's done.
7:00 pm - He's done,, gets in car and we drive home,, I sleep some more
8:30-9:00 pm We arrive home (pending any stops,, food, fuel etc etc)

At this point I literally get my shit together for the next day,,, pack my breakfast and lunch (low carb of course), get my clothes in order (thank god no uniform, tshirts and the like). By the time I'm done guess what? I've got my 2nd wind! I try to go to bed by 11pm latest but the last time I remember looking at the clock it usually says 1-2am. So shake stir and repeat for 2 whole weeks! Can we say tired?

On the first day, I went to see a superintendant that used to work in my depot. Very nice man. Who explains to me that besides removing any graffitti I might see on the bus, that it is also my job to clean the front windshields and the dash areas. I just know I'm not gonna like what I'm supposed to be doing. But I'll do it.

And so it went,, about 20 buses a day on average,,,trying not to get the same ones I had done prior in that given week. The first week was the hardest.

This is what I was dealing with on a daily basis,,,my little view of the world

And so I cleaned.... and wiped,,,, my fingers were getting so raw. NYC Buses are simply filthy!
This is what I was killing my hands on,, the control area. Its a bit of a dark pic but the garages arent that brightly lit all over.

And this type of panel was the easy one to clean up. Some of the older style of buses, have more, they are packed more closely together. Can anyone say that I have more respect for the regular bus cleaners that are supposed to do this,, if they do do this?

At least I got the front dashes nice and clean. Hey you can see them shine. Trust me they didnt do that before I got to them.

All I know is after the first week,, I was so knocked out. My left leg hurt. My ankle hurt from all the walking. That weekend I decided to treat myself,, cause at least I was still getting my paycheck. And what good is money if you cant spend some on yourself?

I went and took a ride to visit Angela at Rumplestiltskin Yarns in Sayville on that Saturday. We chatted a bit,, and told her I was there to buy something,,,,, so I started looking. I look too damn much. Here's what I snagged!

Malabrigo anyone? It is soooo sooo lucious! Color is Loro barranquero #176

Then I saw this, and knew I had to have it!

Colinette Jitterbug in Jewel #54

Then of course I had to buy something new for my Lendrum. This is what I bought.

Angela's husband, who's name I didnt quite get,, was busy spinning away on an Ashford Traveler,, and when I inquired about this roving, he just gushed on and on about it. It practically spins itself,,, spins like butter,, etc etc. OK, OK,, I'm sold,, I'm an easy pushover! And at $6.00 for a 4 ounce bag,, well :) At least I felt so much better for getting thru the week after I bought all this!

Basically the 2nd week of me doing the graffitti nonsense went the same. Tiring,,and well more tiring. Every night once I was home, there was no time for knitting,, nor spinning. I was a very unhappy crafty person with no time to do any crafting.


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