Thursday, April 26, 2007

A New Skein, this time with actual yardage!

Well I sure ended up taking my time doing it, but I finally finished up that one bobbin of merino that I was working on.

Once the bobbin was just about full (I probably could have gotten more on it but I was getting antsy), I Navahoe plied it and then I niddied it into a skein:

A slighly better closeup:

Washed it up,, waiting in anticipation for it to dry!

And here is my brand new little bundle of pinkness!

Done with Bountiful's Merino in the Holly Berry colorway.

I went and dug out my WPI gauge. I'm getting 15 WPI, so I guess I'm in the middle between fingering and sport weight. I'm just glad it worked out so nice and even, tho I was hoping for more yardage.

Edited*** Karen was so kind to point out that I hadnt posted about the actual yardage,,, ACK how'd I forget that? OFFICIAL YARDAGE LINE = I got 264 yards in my skein!

So now that I have some actually nice yarn,, this is the best skein I've made yet, what to make with it? Now for anyone that does know me,,, and knowing that I am by no means normal, it'll have to be something different. I think I will make THIS with my yarn. Am I evil? Yes, just a tad.

Anyways,,, once my bobbin was fiberless,,, and I did have all this week practically to myself, I just simply had to do it. And I'm glad I did it! What did I do? I ran and quickly installed my brand spanking new Woolee Winder,, that was waiting so patiently for me to finish that bobbin! To that I added one of the Ugly Batts that I ordered from Abi. And after about 5 minutes of effortless spinning I got this!

A slightly better close up:

The funny part about this, as I was playing with it,, Hubby decided to do something about a branch that was hanging over part of our driveway. It was a dead branch. Did I mention that this dead branch hanging over, also hung over the power cable connection to our house?

It happened at sundown, hard to tell from cell pic, but thats him, in the tree (top center), after the deed was done. Time of incident, approximately 7:30pm. Time when the power company came, estimated damage, corrected damage, approximately 9:30-10:00pm. What was I doing at this point, with nothing but a battery powered radio, and dozens of tea light candles all over my livingroom? Spinning of course! Since I didnt have to worry about any hooks to change,,, and I was working with the ugly batt instead of a really finely prepared fiber,, I just went with it. It even got to the point where I was spinning with my eyes closed since I was paying more attention to my drafting by feel more than anything else. Looks like it worked!

So what else have I been doing this week? Not that much really. Went to AC Moore's trying to score another one of those tiered baskets,, but they were out. Did I leave empty handed, try as I might? NO!! I am a total sucker for bags for knitting, no matter what they look like. This was the only one I saw, I had a 50% coupon,,,and I'm on vacation! Enough reason for me!

May I present the newest bag!

10 pockets of glory,,, and plenty of center stash room!

I also went to Borders by me. I wanted to get the Yarn Harlot's new book. Which I did, and scored another book to go with it. Ever since Karen had shown me this book one of the first times we got together to knit I have wanted it. But you know the deal when you dont write things down, you forget. So when I saw it on the knitting bookshelf, Lucy Neatby's "Cool Socks, Warm Feet" I snatched it.

Other exciting thing (for me at least)! I got new bedroom carpeting yesterday! From about 1 1/2 years ago, when we had rain for almost a straight 2 weeks,, we had a leak under our roof, down the window frame onto my bedroom carpeting. Hubby tore the affected area up,,, which left almost 1/3 of the bedroom without carpet. Well I took care of that 2 days ago. Called one of the shop at home services,,, picked what I wanted, and did the dirty deed by signing my name by the "X". The installers did a great job and my bedroom looks great! Now just to get everything put back into place and start going thru tons to throw away! Dont mind the mismatched furniture either,,, that is being rectified within the next month. A girl has to do what a girl has to do you know!

The Before pic (really the in process, but I forgot to take that pic)

And the "After" pic

Finally,,, there really hasnt been all that much knitting going on. A row here and there. I still havent finished that one single row past the cast on for "Birch", but I'll get there. I did finally remember to take a pic of that one sole finished "Cigar" glove from Knitty. I'll end off with that!

I'll smoke a cigar for Hubby once I actually finish making the mate for this one!

Till next time!

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At 10:00 AM, Blogger Karen said...

How much yardage is there?

And you CAN'T name me!! I don't want angry husbands knocking on my door because I've enabled their wives.... LOL!! :)


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