Friday, October 31, 2008

It's not my fault,, really it isnt!!

Here I havent even had the chance to post about Rhinebeck,,,, and my life starts to crumble, due to this!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Better late than never!

Talk about late! I am still recovering from Rhinebeck. Dont know if its a bug, the time of year or what, but I've been exhausted this whole week! Rhinebeck was a blast, met tons of new friends and old ones. As usual it was too short a weekend!

Not too many pics of me,, unless peeps want to send them to me. This one is from the Ravelry Party Saturday night with the yarn I won in the raffle giveaway along with another Raveler whose name I dont know. Pretty cool yarn, pretty cool part, pretty cool people that night!

Also did I mention that Boddingtons Ale is really really divine?

Friday, October 17, 2008


Need I say more? Hubby did a number and didnt want to come. I'm on my own for the weekend! I am stoked, packed and ready and going to bed after this post. I made sure my brand new sock bag, my "Dumpling" was done and felted,, its drying right now.
Dumpling closeup

Just some embellishments to do that will have to be done once I'm back home.

I've got 3 other ladies that are going to be sharing my room with me,, so more money for shopping, if there is anything special that catches my eye! Like the possibility of splitting a fleece with Necia!

I'm hoping to get up there at a reasonable time to maybe either use the pool, jacuzzi or sauna. All this to get prepped to hook up with other Ravelers at the Holiday Inn,,,who are waiting for me to break out the Box O'Wine. Dont ask, lol.

My laptop is coming,, and camera, so if anything good is photographed, and I'm coherent enough after the Ravelry party Saturday night, I'll try to post. Otherwise its waiting till I'm home.

So if your up there and see me wearing my purple Clapotis, while holding my dumpling above (which is prob gonna have Rav buttons on it), dont be a stranger, come say HI!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The ultimate sellout..................Sigh.

Now back in the day,,, starting about 30 years ago (as I really date myself now), there was once a band that I loved called "The Sex Pistols".

Now short of all the tragic and fatal circumstances of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen,,, well Johnny Lydon/Rotten was simply one of a kind.

Does this mean we all truly sell out in one form or another,,,in the end?

Johnny the way I best remember him!

Johnny now,,,,,, cute but at the same time, so very sad!

You be the judge!

Saving the best (I think) for the last.

Sid at his best!

Some actual fiber content.

I was really disgusted that I hadnt finished the bobbin that was sitting on my wheel for a bit. I finished this up actually at the last guild meeting. I wanted to keep it as a single,,, so here it is.


Merino/Tencel blend, bought from The Sheep Shed (not the one that everyone gets their fiber from either, this is from from Rhinebeck last Oct and from Ct Sheep and Wool, last March.


If I did my math right (I'm really tired right now) I should have approx 672 yds. The only thing I havent done yet is the WPI.


I do so like how this came out.

Any suggestions on a pattern with this yardage for this variagated yarn?