Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Holidays to all, and I won something!

First and foremost, Happy Easter to all,,, AND a Belated Happy Passover to all (its ok to throw all those rock hard macaroons at me now!).

Its a quiet weekend. I like quiet. Been bumming around the house. Spinning yesterday, trying to get my bobbin finished thats on EL (short for Elvis OR Evil Lendrum, lol) JUST so I can put my New Woolee Winder on! I'm using the Holly berry Merino that I received from Lois and its working up oh so nice and thin!

I actually won something! I found out today via email. I had entered a blog contest given by Melissa. She currently has a pattern for free at knitpicks! Here it is Queen of Diamonds gloves.

What I won:
1- A skein of Knitpicks Gloss in Dusk,, same as in the glove pattern PLUS a bonus!
2- The bonus is a skein of Online Euro Yarns in the color Cool 64-793 Sock yarn
This yarn reminds me of Trekking. I cant wait to get it! Thank you Melissa!

Now is some real quiet time. I'm getting ready to try and complete spinning up that bobbin. This is what I have so far!

So tonite is all planned. Spinning,,,relaxing,,, maybe a glass of wine,,,a roast beef to get thrown in the oven for an easy dinner tonite,,,and Soprano's.

The way every Sunday should be!

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At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Melissa said...

I put your winnings in the mail yesterday, so you should get it in a few days via USPS...



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