Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More pics from Sheep and Wool

Well I finally got around to posting some of the other pics from Rhinebeck. Blogger hasnt been to nice to me when it comes to posting pics,,, but now since I have the HTML down (finally) to put it in direct, NO MORE PROBLEMS!!

OK, now this guy up is a Jacob sheep. Very easy for me to remember since they look like Mutant Ninja Sheep with the 4 horns and all. Due to their color variations, I do know that if and when I decide to get an actual fleece (I'm not that brave yet), I want it to be one of these guys!

He was being so photogenic for me.

I havent a clue what this breed was, or the next two pictures. I had written them down for reference,,,but the paper, alas, got lost between all the bags I was schlepping home.

This one was a cutie too! I love their black little faces,,, and to think how nice this ones long greyish/silver locks must be once prepared into roving!

These 2 guys were sort of snubbing me. I guess they had their fill of having their pictures taken. Either that or the smell of Lamb Kebabs,, Lamb Chili,, and all sorts of lamb goodies, wafting in the wind, were making them real unsociable.

Now this was one of the guys I was begging my hubby to buy for me. Trying to convince him of the double duty that would be done by mowing our very large backyard (which needs it BTW), and supplying me with fiber each and every Spring to play with. This Alpaca was sooooo incredibly soft. Very nervous too, to a degree I imagine, by all the humming he/she was doing. I think it looked just adorable with its bandana on!

Hubby who thought he was being cute by giving me this special hand signal,, while I was begging for above Alpaca. Guess he felt his bag carrying duties were over for the day. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we are at VanCalcar Acres, Weaselrina on the left, Alerievay in the center (looking very nice in her newly knitted Ram's Horn Jacket) and Mikomiao on the right. Defendedtoclick was there with her sock kits that she designed for Vancalcar. This was at the Knitty meetup that was scheduled. So many knittyheads there! Lisa,, sorry I didnt get a chance to snap a pic of you or your sock kits! (Smacking myself with a wet noodle now!)
Labean (l.) and Cooknknit (r.) Two lovely ladies striking a pose. To think I had to breakup a conversation that was going on just to snap the pic!

And finally,,, I had completed my one Pedicure Sock just prior to Sheep and Wool that was taking me forever to complete while working (lunch hour isnt really an hour) and if I was lucky I knocked off maybe a row then,, and a few rows once I got home, if I wasnt too exhausted.

But the really amazing thing? I cast on for the second one really late last Thursday nite.

AND I finished the damn thing last nite! Just in time for my manicure and pedicure today! It was funny too, when I went to the nail salon. The women there and my regular manicurist were making such a fuss over them. I mean I just used yarn that I had lying around. There were warm tho,, except for my toes, lol.

Here's the gratuitous foot shot of my fat feet for any foot fetishists out there. Enjoy!

At least my Tat thats sticking thru a bit still looks good colorwise. Not bad for being 6 years old!

Only thing new going on now is that I ran into Big Lots by me yesterday,, Hubby and I had wanted to check what was in there. The had some yarn,,, Bernats Galaxy...at $1 a skein, so I bought 2 each of 2 colors. Checked it out better today (content and all) not much of it but it has mohair and alpaca in it and was oh so soft. Soooooo,,,, I ran back today and bought about 30 more skeins in the 2 colors I had already and one other color. Think I'll make a simple block style throw to keep me warm at night when I'm knitting away in front of my fireplace. My livingroom set is really comfy,, but its leather and can be a bit chilly (as I am finding out) as the weather turns cooler.

So here I sit now,,forlorn and depressed. I have to go back to work tomorrow after being off for two whole weeks. I did so enjoy the knitting and spinning and spindling that I've been doing the past week. Only thing left to do now is look forward to Friday!


At 10:31 AM, Blogger Karen said...

the pedicure socks look great! I don't know if I could wear them, but I do like the idea.

And thank you for taking a good pic of me! I look pretty decent in that pic!

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Duchess said...

I love the socks!
Also, sooooo jealous about Rhienbeck. Oh that I lived on the other coast!


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