Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm as happy as a clam today!!

My Sea Silk and my fiber order both came!!!

First up is my Sea Silk. This arrived last week Thursday,,, and between running and driving around,, I hadnt had the chance to post it.

The is my skein in the Wildflower colorway in the front.

This is the Autumn colorway on the left, with Wildflower on the right. Dont they look just delish???

This is my fiber just delivered today (or rather yesterday). I had ordered from,,,, I had emailed Abi (the owner) prior, asking about her ugly batts. She kept in touch with me as she said she would, on when she would have new ugly batts and days end roving available. As soon as I got the particulars from Abi, I paypal'ed her 1, 2, 3, on Sunday nite. Here they are just 3 days later! OMG all I can say is I never expected to get this delivered this fast!

This big old Batt (sitting comfortably on my comp chair) is UB 136 colorway.

Said "Batt" slightly opened up to reveal the interior. I've got at least two sections of colors that I can play with!

I ordered Abi's Days End roving in blues. This is what one pound of roving looks like also sitting comfortably on one's computer chair!!

I'll post on here how it goes. And just think, Rhinebeck isnt even 2 weeks away. Thank heavens for credit unions and money that gets squirreled away just for events and items like this!

I've been planning my shopping list. DH already thinks I'm a nutcase. Well maybe I am,, just a fibery one!

I also received my Secret Spinning Pal package. Tomorrow I will post up the contents!


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