Tuesday, May 15, 2007

About Mother's Day (A Day Late, Naturally!)

A real fast entry today. Mother's Day was a nice quiet day, for once! Woke up, showered. Hubby said we were going to go out for a bite, where did I want to go. For once I didnt want anything fancy,, so I decided we'd go to Panera's. It was empty in there, peoplewise and food, actually breadwise. Wanted a bagel,, there were none to be found. So I guess I made it brunch for myself. Got a grilled salmon salad,, that has the most delicious Meyer Lemon vinigrette dressing on it with a cafe mocah (in one of their huge oversized mugs). Son had given me 2 cute cards and a pave heart on a silver chain. Very pretty! I still have to take a pic of the necklace. Hubby told me he was making dinner (him make dinner???) and that he got desert. Below is the desert. Man! Can I say this is one of the most chocolatiest cakes I have ever had? A buttercream/whipped cream combo filling inside,, dark chocolate flakes on top with cocoa powder. Rich, Rich, Rich!

The actual dinner I didnt even have time to snap. Seems he brought home ready to eat stuff from a store in Brooklyn,, but god it was good. He got chicken kiev,,,, and some lamb stuffed dolmas,,, and for another nights dinner, chicken rolls stuffed with spinach. We picked up some rice from chinese takeout, so as not to do any cooking at all! All he had to do was too nuke it,, I was leary about that, but did it come out wonderful! Cutting into it, all that lovely butter inside just oozed out onto the rice! Chicken was so moist and tasty! In the words of Rachael Ray, YUM-O!!

Besides my Mother's Day dinner,, he bought me these lovely tulips. Color is more peach,, but hey thats flash photography for ya!

A closeup of the flowers!

During the day, once we were home and before dinner,,, I spent time with my E.L. (Evil Lendrum or the E.L. for short). My friend Margie next door, came over after Soprano's,,,,to rave to me about some of the cake that I sent over,, and we hung out watching TV and talking, while I was spinning till about 1:30am! I'll say I got my spinning time in yesterday to make up for the whole week!

This is the handpainted roving that I picked up at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival,,, I couldnt wait to start working on it. I think I'm close to half a bobbin already. What do you think?

A better close up!

I cant wait till its done so I can Navaho it and see what I end up with!

I think I can say it was a pretty productive day/night!

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At 11:12 AM, Blogger LICraftgal said...

Love that yarn!! You really spin fine! That cake looks unbelievable too.

At 12:52 PM, Blogger LaBean said...

I think it's gonna be really pretty when it's done!! That's really thin, too. Woohoo!!

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Raeknits!_and_spins said...

Girl, you can SPIN! Love the color, I can't wait to see it plied myself! Glad you had a great mother's day!

At 10:49 AM, Blogger Maria said...

Beautiful spinning! Happy Mother's Day!


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