Sunday, February 25, 2007

The bad things dont stop happening.

Well from being out sick last week, and running to my Dr.,, one thing I had done was get my bloodwork done. With my job since I'm diabetic,, I have a recheck medical every 6 months. I've been going thru this since I was appointed and hired for 7 years now. The past 2 years have been good, I've passed my medical, even if at times I was just squeaking by. Job needs my results for whats called an A1C Glycolated Hemoglobin test. It shows how well my control has been for my diabetes over the past 3 month period. I guess I simply wasnt as good as I should have been,,,sigh. I am one full point over what my job will accept to allow me to drive. My medical recheck is this coming Friday,, and I know I will be restricted after I show up. And there isnt much restricted work,,, and it goes by order of seniority,, of which I have some, but probably not enough, even with 7 years on the job. If there is no work,, then I get to use my sick time of which I have 8 days left. After that I go without pay, which I really cant afford. So now is the big full steam ahead playdates with my treadmill. Which I havent been doing for months. At all! Yeah I know, I've no one to blame but myself. I know exactly what I should be doing and when,,, but as I say way too often on here,, I am just so dead tired due to the job and commuting. Who the hell wants to do anything at all when you have your 2 days off?

I'll deal with it. I always have and try to make the best of it and become the superwoman of exercise. Whatever it takes to get my levels down. So far hubby is being cool about this too. He knows I'm aggravated and depressed over this,, but he's trying to take up the slack by doing OT. He's doing it all weekend.

Had some pics,,,, thanks to my cell phone,,,,one cool one after the dr, when I was waiting for hubby to drive me home. The sunset. An eerie one,, but cool nevertheless.

And while I was sick, I made Caloriemetry (sp). You can see how simply awful I look by my eyes alone,,, but I did feel really good making this. I had a skein of Manos that I bought about 2 weeks ago fron The Yarn Girl on Staten Island. A really fast and easy knit if I say so myself!

Then next up is the cell phone pic I took of that 2nd skein I made,,,, holding it in my hand gives a better perspective of it.

This I had to post. One day last week, think it was Wednesday, my bus stop request system wasnt working (what else is new with things not working on buses?). But this one,,,a prior driver had,, and had placed strategically all over the bus, signs stating the bells didnt work. In the front, the rear and several along the length on each side.

Here's the front of the bus.

And here's the rear of the bus.

Of course I get all the passengers that either 1) Can't read, 2) or are just plain ignorant,,OR oblivious to what is going on around them. So whatcha think happens?

"Lady,,,you missed my stop"
Me- You didnt let me know.
"I rang the bell."
Me-Did you see the signs?
"Your bell doesnt work, it didnt ring"
Me-I know, did you see the signs?
"But your supposed to stop at the bus stop"
Me-Yes, when someone lets me know that they want the stop.
"But you didnt stop!"

To which I gave my classic answer.

Me- If I were a Psychic, I wouldnt be driving this bus and I'd be making a lot more money.

They were not amused,,, but then again neither was I.

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