Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Evil Spinstress possibly assimilates her first soul!

Doing much better today than I was yesterday. Hubby had his OT again, and Child from Hell had requested if it was ok that he goes with Hubby so he can see his old friends where we used to live. Request granted! In a heartbeat! It meant total peace and quiet for me and other than trying to straighten up I was having company!

Kelly (LIcraftgal) was coming over to hang out. Other than last week while I was deathly coughing my lungs up, we had gotten together over the past few weekends to schmooze and knit and discuss spinning. Kelly is in the process of deciding what wheel she was going to purchase. I've been practically begging her to come over and at least give my Lendrum a spin (oh the bane of bad puns!).

Kelly arrived and I gave her the tour of the royal mansion, lol, and we settled ourselves in my livingroom. So we did schmooze,, we nibbled,,we got serious and started talking fiber. She had brought her spindle but I told her,,, do my wheel.

And so it began...........

Kelly looks nice and comfy with a Lendrum, doesnt she, as my evil sinister plan comes into play. Look how comfortable she is, look at how nice her roving is being spun with ease. My 2nd skein, the skein of destruction, stands guard,, on the snack tray, making sure that she doesnt miss a step in her treadling. Yes we have yarn being made here. Easily, and surely. Kelly comments how comfortable she is at my evil wheel. How the height is right. How her legs are comfy. The Lendrum has wrought its power over Kelly methinks.

And possibly the Lendrum has won. Possibly. We talked about different wheels, how she is/was partial to the Kromski Minstral. Then I struck my final blow, lol. Discussing how if she were to get the Lendrum DT complete,, she'd have the wheel, with reg flyer, and fast flyer, a plying flyer with bobbin, 4 reg bobbins,, and a tensioned lazy kate too! We spoke about how the wheels were made. The Lendrum, of course, is solid Maple. I love my Ashford Joy too, but all in all,, its fancy plywood (excuse me, MDF - at a higher cost, why I dont know) But I now love my Lendrum above and beyond all others!

So that was how the afternoon went. We cruised on my computer looking and drooling (well maybe not drooling) at fibers and handyed and kettledyed rovings. Talked about purchasing fiber at one site and splitting the cost for natural merino and blends that we can Kool-aid dye ourselves (Kelly has done it, I so far have not).

I cant wait for Kelly to get her wheel, whichever model she does decide on. Its just great having a spinning buddy that is nearby!

After she left to return home, I dug out the Merino that I got with my wheel that Lois at Bountiful sent me. Last nite I had started some of the fiber. I continued at it. Relaxed is not the word I would use to describe how I felt! The silence was sweet. Hubby and son werent due home till around 9:30pm. So there I was enjoying myself,, with my hot cup of coffee,, nibbling on cheese,, with total control over the TV for once! It got even better once I realized it was starting to snow, so I got the fireplace going. Nothing like spinning in front of a roaring fireplace I tell ya!

So in the comfort of my home, enjoying the serenity of it all, I've this to show for the moment. PS if Tamara is reading this,, this is the Holly Berry! :)

Sigh,, too bad tomorrow is Monday and I have to go to work,,, and drive thru possible snow and ice to do it. But I digress,, my Evil Lendrum is now calling to me, singing its diabolical song to me. "Make more yarn,,, spin me some more". Must go, cannot keep Master waiting.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger LICraftgal said...

Yep we had a wonderful afternoon of just us spinning gals chatting,nibbling and talking fiber. Yes I was completely won over by the lendrum!! That wheel is just sooooo solid.
And yes Nancy's house is HUGE!! Incredible space, my house would fit in the lower level and probably have some room to spare!! Thanks for a great afternoon Nancy!


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