Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jetta learns a new trick.

Pooped pups

See the innocent looking one on the left,,,,, Well let me tell you, he's not so innocent.

It all started yesterday morning. Hubby was taking care of some things in Brooklyn. Son was going to his job. Peace and quiet in the morning or so I thought.

I had fed the dogs, gotten some laundry together to do, and getting ready to run a few errands after I was going to hop into the shower fast. So I decided, let me take the dogs out to do their thing before this. Right before I was going to take them, Jetta was going ballistic, barking away, joined by Smoochie,,, with no sign of letting up. I peek thru my door. Dont see anything. I was going to let the dogs out on the deck but son and hubby hadnt closed the front gate. So I get myself out without the dogs, go to the gate, bolt it. Walk back to the door,,,, and I cant get in.

Jetta is a supreme jumper. He lets us know when he has to do out by sitting by the front door, barking,, and then starts to jump straight up in the air at the door.

He locked the door!

What are the odds?

Well good thing for nice weather as I was in a tank and leggings and sandals. Without keys, cellphone or anything. Do we have a spare key outside somewhere. NO.

House across the street is being built, some workers there,, so I begged one of the guys to let me use his cell to call hubby. Voicemail. I leave a message. I wait an hour. Nada.

I walk to one neighbor to the left of us,,, no one is home, sigh.

I wait another 15 minutes, and decided to try my other neighbor, the one we really dont talk to anymore.

She was home thankfully, let me use her phone. Got hubby who then said "get the keys form your son". How did I know that was coming.

Long and short of it, Neighbor took me to son's job, I got the key, she dropped me off, and I finally got in the house.

Never a boring day here!

Other than that a Knitpicks order I was waiting for arrived on Friday,, with my yarn to start Decimal from Knitty! I got the Shine sport in Serrano, and from casting on, what a pleasure to work with that yarn! Made up for being locked out, lol.


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