Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How I spent my Superbowl Sunday!

Well here it is, and I know I'm running late with this but "GO GIANTS!!!"

Anyway, how I spent the day. Woke late, hubby in a foul mood due to waking late and feeling like the day was wasted. I knew better,,,lol,, and I know when to stay out of his way! Got breakfast, came home,, went online onto Ravelry to see what I could possibly make next! I had a skein of yarn that I bought at a sale that Three Black Sheep out by me had had. It was a a natural colored skein of a bulky wool and something fiber. Maybe some mohair, cause believe me it is fuzzy enough. For $2 you dont complain, you just grab it and pay for it and run out of the door like a madwoman, lol. Well,, I had checked out my queue again, and went back to check Rosi G's "El Capitan" cap. Ok I figured I'd give it a shot. Printed the pattern out,,, grabbed my yarn, needles and current knitting bag, packed with it's tschokas and flew out of the house for some peace and quiet at Starbucks. I think I should be paying them some rent, with all the time I've been spending there, lol.

Well, I go get my venti decaf skinny mocha, extra mocha, light whip (a mouthful I know!) grab my usual seat (the comfy armchair), and just take in the laidback music,, sipping my drink,, casting on my stitches. Did a long tail cast-on,, which is fine. Except that I didnt leave a long enough end. So rip it out cast on again. 2nd times the charm. I do the first few rows, the first cable row,, and even tho I was getting gauge across the hat,, I wasnt quite sure I was going to get it lengthwise. Instead of doing 7 rows in pattern, I decided to do 5. At this point I decided to go home and relax in front of the TV with either cable or a DVD, and just veg out.

The game was coming on,, my son actually wanted to watch it, and I was really interested in checking out the commercials more than anything,,,lol,, so we watched.
Even as I was knitting away, before the end of the first quarter,, can we say I was hooked?

And so the game went,,, and my knitting. By the end of the game, I had two things to be happy about. The Giants won,, and I basically finished the hat part of El Capitan.

It may not be much to some knitters out there but this was the fastest thing I knit, even with a bulky yarn. Maybe I should watch more football? Oh damn, I have to wait till next fall now! LOL. Well in tooting my own horn, hat part done during the Superbowl,,, yesterday night I did the brim and brim strip and wove everything in. I knew I should have run to a store yesterday to see about buttons! That I did today and sewed them on the minute I got home. I think I could have sewn them a tad closer together, but live and learn!

So here is "El Capitan"!! Thank you Rosi for such a great quick knit!

El Capitan

PS it made for a very nice warm cap! It was chilly in the house as I was typing this,,,so I've been wearing it to keep warm!

PPS thats my son wearing it, acting as a model for once,,, who took one look at the cap and said "No way Ma,, you didnt make that, you bought it!"

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At 7:13 AM, Anonymous Joy said...

Great Job Nancy! Sounds like it was a fun knit too. Hope you are recovering quickly. Sounds like you're making good choices at Starbucks too!

At 3:52 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

I love it!!! It's a fun little knit isn't it?


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